How can we make our restaurant rule?


Project Overview

Over the summer term, the year 3 classes worked to become founders of three new restaurants: Chi, serving Pan-Asian cuisine, Casa Da Vinci, an Italian Cafe and Dinestein’s, an all American 1950’s inspired diner. Each restaurant was opened for a night, serving a special guest list of industry professionals who rated their experience and paid what they felt their meal was worth.

The pupils were involved in every aspect of the development of their restaurant, from the creation of the name, to the menu design to the food chosen for the menu. Throughout the project the pupils produced a range of written pieces to support their learning, including enticing advertisements for their menu items, a fictional set of instructions, sending the reader on a round-the-world adventure to collect ingredients and a Wikipedia blog about the restaurant they have created and run. 


What the student says

“This project I have enjoyed cooking and learning more about how a restaurant is run. It was fun to set up our own business and to consider the needs of the customers” 


Ena, Year 3

What we learnt about

​Through this project, a strong oracy focus was evident.  Pupils developed questions and rehearsed approaching members of the public in order to carry out their own market research to inform their menu choices. They wrote and performed original persuasive radio adverts and explored how to ensure the highest quality customer service, including how to address customers. 

What the teacher says

“Pupils really enjoyed the practical, hands-on aspects of learning in this project. It was great to see their teamwork and cookery skills improve as the term went on. It was extremely rewarding, as a teacher, to take a step back and allow the pupils to plan and execute the different aspects of their restaurant”