Being ready to learn

We expect the highest standards of conduct from our students and we work with them to establish the 5 Ps of Professionalism:









Students created their own rules that they wanted to live by at School 21

Instead of imposing school rules on the first children to start at School 21, we asked them to devise a set of rules that they could live by. This is what they came up with. These are the rules that they are held accountable for:

  • Make everyone feel welcome.

  • Look out for each other.

  • Never discriminate against someone.

  • Own up to things.

  • Be true to your word.

  • Show manners.

  • Respect the environment, property and others.

  • Show zero tolerance of bullying or unkindness.

  • Always put in your best work and do your best in lessons.

  • Not talk back to teachers.

  • Persevere.

  • Be ambassadors for School 21.

These rules are up on every classroom door. School rules: designed by students. And every time one of those rules is broken, we hold the students to their own commitments.

Professionalism points

At School 21, every student in secondary starts the week with 50 professionalism points. Students lose points for unprofessional behaviour – for lateness, for lack of homework, for disrupting the learning of other students – and cannot get them back again.


We celebrate the large number of students who retain all of their points throughout the week – and, every Monday, each student gets another chance to show their professionalism. 

The Six Attributes