The Fast and the Physics: How can we design a winning racer?


Project Overview

Students worked in small teams of 5 to conduct a number of tests around friction, rider mass and amount of force applied to make predictions about their own go karts. They followed instructions to build their karts and used ratio and scaling to design geometric livery designs and transfer these onto the full scale karts. These included original designs for team logos and names.

How was it assessed?

​Students completed a knowledge test at the end of the project and were also assessed at checkpoints through the timeline. Their self assessment of their teamwork skills formed part of this.


What skills were developed?

Students needed to work well collaboratively throughout the project and assessed their own as well as their peer’s contributions to the project weekly.


They also created persuasive adverts for their team and presented these to local businesses in order to secure sponsorship for the final event; time trial races held at the Newham Leisure Centre running track.

What the teacher says

The new format of project days in the middle school has been exciting. It was incredible looking around on build days and design days to see no passengers; all teams involved and focussed, working together in different ways to solve problems and get tasks done.