Gender Equality: What do we do when the world won't listen?


Project Overview

This project focused on how issues of gender equality have changed over time, looking at significant turning points such as the suffragettes and, more recently, protests against the gender pay gap and gendered media.

How was it assessed?

  1. A 'cold' assessment at the start of the project to assess subject content.

  2. A 'warm' assessment at the end of the project to assess progress in subject knowledge.

  3. Political protest to assess public speaking and performance skills.

What the student says

"It was really inspiring because it taught us the meaning of equality and how important it is. That's important to yr 5 and 7. Also it was really fun! I enjoyed making t-shirts and writing songs. The protest was a great success."


What skills were developed?

​The students developed their oracy skills through debating their own political standpoint on issues of gender equality. By developing their own political protest, the students also developed skills in stencil printing, logo designing and songwriting. They then performed a political protest outside Stratford station, displaying skills in speaking to the public and performance.

What the teacher says

"It was great to see how enthused the students were by current political issues. You could especially see this during the protest when students were so confidently talking to members of the public about why they were protesting."