How can we get to space?


Project Overview

Students learnt what there is beyond Earth in our solar system and explored why people travel to space. They experimented with different types of rockets, understanding different ways to make a rocket launch. For their final product, they worked in trios to design, build and launch a rocket. They completed 3 redrafts of their rocket, analysing what had and hadn't work after each launch.

How was it assessed?

We assessed the success of the rockets themselves at the final launch, as well as the students eloquence at explaining the science behind the rocket. In addition to this, the students completed an assessment, with many questions on it from old Year 6 SATs papers.


What the students say

"'When my group fussed about the rocket design, we didn't fuss too much. We compromised and worked together to make it fly." 



What skills were developed?

The students improved their professional collaboration as they had to work in small groups on their rocket. Specifically, we focused on developing the skills of delegating tasks and compromising. 
Additionally, the students developed their attribute of spark and their problem solving skills. We focused on thinking of multiple solutions to a problem and considering which was the best solution, rather than rushing to a solution.

What the teacher says

"It was fantastic to see how much better the children were at working together by the end of the project. They were solving any disagreements much more independently and actively trying to reach a compromise themselves."

Lottie Cashin