Real world learning gives students the chance to do meaningful projects each week in an organisation. That way they combine head, heart and hand – applying knowledge, developing skills, and learning self-confidence.

Every student, starting in Year 10, is required to successfully complete a Real World Learning Project. Real World Learning Projects (RWLP) are School 21’s take on work experience and provide both student and their host workplace with something that is more meaningful and authentic than traditional work experience. Spending half a day a week in the workplace, for a term and a half, students are tasked with solving an authentic problem for a real organisation. The projects can take any form, as long as there is an authentic outcome that students are required to produce. This could be a piece of research, a social media campaign, the redesign of a process, promotional videos, the creation of a piece of art or the planning and delivery of a community event etc. It should be something that would be of genuine value to the organisation.

We are proud to partner with a diverse mix of organisations, from retailers like John Lewis to local charities such as Bow Arts.  each organisation has tasked our students to solve a meaningful and challenging problem that will add value to their work!

Current projects

Previous projects

Inquiry question:

What would a sixth form for the 21st Century look like?


Whiteboard animation

Inquiry question:

How can we use social media to help influence young people away from joining gangs?


Viral social media campaign

Inquiry question:

How can we use School 21's learnings about teaching oracy to improve our staff's eloquence?


Training video and oracy self-assessment tool

World class partners



"It is a valuable experience in learning about the outside world and how it works. It is as enjoyable as it is challenging."

Ifte, Year 11


"Just work really hard and don't give up because the end product is truly amazing."

Shakil Ali, Year 11