“New technology is common, new

thinking is rare.”

Design Principles

  • Technology should never be centre-stage - it always exists to serve pre-existing objectives.

  • Technology should enhance our pedagogies – making it easy to reflect on oracy, develop real world learning or deepen subject knowledge 

  • Students are digital natives (they have been born into the world of iPads). They should help lead teachers in the effective use of technology.

  • We will have a few apps that everyone will use for work flow and to ensure consistency.

  • All teachers will work to integrate technology into their practice using the SAMR (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition) approach.

SAMR is a useful model to discuss the ways in which technology can be used - over time, technology becomes most powerful when it redefines learning and genuinely enhances the experiences for pupils.


Direct swap - no functional change

Direct swap - with functional improvement



Significant task redesign




Creation of new tasks that were previously



Paper register


Homework written in diary




Storing work in physical exercise books





Register on iPads


Homework set on Google Classroom



Storing work in online note taking apps



Students create animated movie explaining 2D shapes


Administrative improvement


The use of Google Calendar and hyperlinked work means it is harder to forget or lose homework

Teacher and student

can access work from

anywhere, and can easily

search for key work

Without technology this

task would be impossible

Design Principles







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