How can we bring our toys to life?


Project Overview

Our first project in Year 3 had a science and design technology focus. The pupils worked as scientists and electrical engineers over the first half term, investigating many aspects of electricity; what it is, how it is generated, the different types that exist in the world and which sources are renewable and non-renewable. From this point they applied their knowledge, working as designers to collaboratively plan and create an original toy. After an initial whole cohort critique session, the pupils experimented with a variety of nets, then chose those most suitable for building their design in 3D. These prototypes were again critiqued, then the pupils worked with their teachers to create their final product. The aesthetic design of these was the final focus to create the product: our ‘living’ toys! 

What the student says

“I’ve really enjoyed making our toys. One of the best things was working with different people in our groups. I’ve learned all about electricity and circuits. It was so much fun to work with the different materials when we designed how the toys looked.”

Aaishah, 7 years old

Knowledge and skills

  • Electricity

  • Circuits

  • Components of an electrical toy

  • Designing with nets

  • Aesthetic design for an audience

  • Writing explanation texts

What the teacher says

“It’s been incredible to watch the children explore and discover things about electricity. Their collaboration and teamwork have been very impressive throughout the project. They’ve shared and challenged each other’s ideas which has helped them to create very impressive final products. They’ve been very engaged throughout and have become very knowledgeable electrical engineers as well as designers.”