How can I add real value to an organisation in my city?


Project Overview

The Real World Learning projects gave students in Year 10 the opportunity to spend half a day a week, over a term and a half, with an employer solving a real-life problem. Students went out in teams of twos and threes, travelling to and from their work places independently and in context appropriate dress, and acted as true professionals, integrating themselves seamlessly into their workplaces.

All final products by students, be those web pages, social media campaigns, blogs, posters, hand crafted furniture, training tools, apps etc. will endure beyond the end of the project, and leave a true legacy in their community.

What the student says

“Doing something like this really gives us the opportunity to do something with our lives in the future. Not only does it open doors for us, but it also opens the door to our creativity and thinking outside the box.”

Eylin Bastidas, Year 10 student

What we learnt about

  • Designed and built a bird bath for the school playground

  • Redesigned the children’s menu at the Holiday Inn

  • Planned two football tournaments for local schools

  • Designed an oracy training tool for civil servants

  • Mapped and reimagined studio space for Bow Arts

  • Designed and built an app for aspiring medics

What the teacher says

"This project has given the school the opportunity to reimagine the work experience programme. Students were given real problems to solve by real organisations, and, using a project-based learning approach, have come up with incredible solutions which will leave a real legacy at their place of work."