Welcome from the Headteacher


As a School we are committed to building a strong sense of community; a community in which we know each and every student in our care, a community that contributes to the richness of the wider community beyond the School and a community that is part of changing the shape of education. We believe in doing things differently and in challenging the status quo, and we are proud to be part of the Big Education trust of schools aiming to do just that. 


As part of our learning programmes, our students learn to talk and to learn through talking as part of our oracy programme, they learn to enquire through project based learning and they learn in the real world as part of our Real World Learning Programme.


The children in our care, whether 4 or 18, are educated and supported to embody our values: to be kind (humility), to reflect and grow (openness), to go above and beyond (excellence), to build strong circles (community) and to step up (responsibility). 


School 21 is a very special place. When walking around you will feel a spirit of creativity and the buzz of exciting learning. With oracy woven into our DNA, there is lots of talk going on - talk in interactive assemblies, exploratory talk in classrooms, in regular coaching conversations - to allow students to learn to talk and to learn through talk.


Our staff are an amazing team who work magic to create this special place and collaborate together on a daily and weekly basis to continually enhance and develop their practice to be the very best that they can be. In essence, our teachers have a real spirit of inquiry,  a joy of working with young people and a strong belief in developing the whole child. 


In addition to the creativity on a daily basis, our school comes alight at regular times throughout the school year, with events such as our Festival of Light (our 4-18 musical extravaganza), our Ignite speeches (similar to TED talks from children of all ages), our exhibitions of beautiful work (showcasing the projects and products created by every class in the school) and our digital portfolio presentations, where our students narrate their story of learning in front of their coaches and external partners.


We call our approach an education of the Head, the Heart and the Hand. Our aim is for young people to find their voice and to be empowered to change the world. Our students will do this: with their strong grounding in oracy they will find and develop a strong voice; with great learning that is personalised and active they will achieve academic excellence; with a holistic education that develops strong values. With these, they will be empowered to change the world, in the right way.


Whether a parent, a prospective parent or a teacher we would love to welcome you to School 21 - do reach out so that we can introduce you to our amazing community!

Dr. Nicola Mason appointed new headteacher of School 21