What Does Music Look Like?


Project Overview

This Science-Music project explores how sound can be visualised, giving students the opportunity to link the creative arts to the science behind seeing and hearing. Through the composition and collation of music dance tracks and accompanying footage, inspired by Nigel Stanford’s Cymatics videos, students explored and recorded how sounds link to waveforms. Students also had to research how we see light, designing and creating original t-shirt designs in response to their knowledge. The project culminates in an exhibition of the cymatics style  videos,  student talks discussing their learning, and a live performance created and rehearsed by the students using a makey-makey device and pitched boom-whackers, which were also crafted during the project.

What the student says

"I have never gotten so close to a cow’s eye before!"

Cole Mpengo

"I love music, but to know the science is very interesting."

Rojersia Fernandes

Video Focus

Edutopia: Empowering Students to Craft Beautiful Work

The 'What Does Music Look Like?' project features in this video showing how School 21 brings cross-curricular, arts-infused project-based learning into every classroom.

Key knowledge

  • Sound and light (waveforms)

  • Relative speeds of light and sound

  • How a sound is determined by its amplitude and frequency

  • Additive and subtractive colour

  • Video production and t-shirt design

  • The composition of house dance tracks