What would the world be like if it

was 2D?


Project Overview

Students learnt about the properties of shapes and applied these to characters in a story who inhabit 'Flatland'. 

The project's success criteria was clear and showed how students could push their stories further in terms of language and storytelling, mathematical detail and the creativity they've displayed in creating their vision of Flatland.

What the student says

“It was really fun to link our Maths and English together and to imagine a world which doesn't exist yet. I think I will remember the properties of shapes better than if we hadn't done the project."

What skills were developed?

  • Shape names and properties, angle sums and area and perimeter.

  • Applying the abstract properties of shape to characters in a story.

What the teacher says

“I was really impressed by the student's creativity in re-writing their traditional fairytales in Flatland. It would have been nice to see more explicit reference to the mathematical properties of shapes which didn't always make it into the final story.”