How can we create an 'Escape Room' experience using the Cold War?


Project Overview

We focussed on the Cold War which is part of the GCSE exam. Each group was given a specific event during the Cold War to research, develop an immersive production and create a Cold War spy style puzzle. The groups looked at the 'Three Conferences', 'The Czechoslovakian Crisis' 'The Berlin Crisis' and the 'Cuban Missile Crisis'. We are going to run the 'Escape Room' experience for a number of local businesses who are using this as a team building session for their organisations.

How was it assessed?

1) Through a number of fact based multiple choice quizzes
2) A mock GCSE exam
3) The authentic audience - the paying guests are going to rate the experience.

What the student says

“When I did the test the GCSE history test I was really surprised how much I knew - I got 9/10! I didn't realise how much I was learning while I was working in my group on my performance!"

What skills were developed?

​They developed a number of skills. The first thing each student developed was a detailed understanding of their topic and the key events of the Cold War. Using this knowledge, they were able to develop their team work, leadership and decision making skills. Through the project they also developed a number of performance skills: Verbatim, Immersive and Political Theatre.

What the teacher says

“It gives students a genuine hunger for knowledge. In order to build a play, the actor must become an expert in their world. Using immersive/experiential theatre further highlights the understanding of the themes around the Cold War.”